Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Opportunities in India

Are you looking for a career in digital marketing? You have landed on the right place. Well will guide you to the best path to build a career in digital marketing.

Why digital marketing?
Digital marketing has become the face of today’s promotional strategies. Until 2010, not every business was taking digital marketing seriously and were stuck with the conventional methods, denying change. But, gradually, as having an online presence became extremely important, market forces created a do or die situation. Traditional marketing became inefficient. This shift in the marketing strategies gave rise to huge employment opportunities in the field of digital marketing.

Different positions under the digital marketing arena.
Digital marketing manager
He/she is responsible for designing different digital marketing campaigns and establishing social media presence. They need to be well versed with the current marketing tools and should have a strong grasp over effective growth strategies.

Content writer
A content writer is supposed to create rich content for different mediums of communication like blogs, website, templates, brochures, white papers, case studies etc. They are supposed to do keyword analysis using different tools and research before drafting content.

“Mobile is important, and coming faster than most people in this room realize.” – Matt Cutts

Copywriting A copywriter is supposed to write content for advertisements or other promotional activities. The main aim of a copy is to increase brand awareness and bring more sales.

Social media Executives
Having an online presence has become a prime factor. Social media executive see to it that the products and services of the company reach every corner of the world and stand out by using different digital channels like Facebook Twitter Instagram Google Plus etc. They run social media campaigns and perform productive social media activities.

Search Engine Optimisation Executive
The job description of an SEO executive has seen a drastic change. He/she is assigned roles to increase page ranking of client websites using effective SEO strategies and bring more organic traffic to the

Career in digital marketing
You cannot run away from the fact that sooner or later, every company will have to adopt digital marketing strategies. Therefore, demand for digital marketers will increase in near future. There is a huge scope and plenty of opportunities for people who are looking to enter this field.

Why choose a career in digital marketing?
A high demand and low supply can bring in a huge scope of negotiation. This field offers exciting salary packages which is why a lot of people are attracted to this career option.

Tailor your landing pages according to the referral traffic
Your landing page will have visitors who might be coming from Facebook or Twitter and some from your email newsletters, while some from a PPC ad. Each one is different and unique and therefore tailoring your landing pages according to individuals audiences can help you convert a larger base.

The field is evolving
You meet a lot of amazing individuals with different levels of experience. If you love to work in a team, this career option is the best suit for you! Professionals from technical background, creative brains and management staff come together to give amazing results.

You can explore your creative skills
There is plenty of room for cumulating the creative energy in you. You can explore plenty of opportunities in fields like writing, designing, video making, audio recording etc.

Versatile field
You are always learning while you are working. You can adapt new skills and work on building some more as you continue to pursue this as a career. Digital marketing is the most comfortable field.

Digital marketing is a dynamic field. If you are a naturally creative person, innovative, curious, self-taught and proactive, then you are a best fit for this field and can pursue any of the career options it offers.