Digital marketing vs traditional marketing: which produces better rate of interest (ROI)

Do you know that marketers are allocating 20% of the total marketing budget for online activities as they plan to increase their investment in digital marketing activities by more than 25% in 2018.
The debate over which out of the two forms of marketing overpowers in today’s competitive environment still goes on. Many people accept the fact that traditional marketing barely stands a chance in front of digital marketing.
The CDs have been replaced by pen drives Orkut is replaced by Facebook, wired internet by Wi-Fi, print ads and TV advertisements has been overthrown by YouTube and online channels of communication. The picture gets clear as you understand why businesses are effectively using these online mediums to their advantage.

What is traditional marketing?
It is a form of marketing which has been used by companies for years and has a proven success rate. It includes different elements like print advertisements, broadcast mediums, billboards, flyers etc.

What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is the process of using different digital techniques to connect with the audience where they spend their much time, online. There are various components that fall under the umbrella of digital marketing like email marketing, content marketing, online brochures and much more. With an increase of internet usage by 5 percent in last three years, the way people shop and buy products has transformed. Traditional marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing
For about half of the century the consumers were dominated by traditional or offline marketing. But today half of the media consumption comes through digital channels. With more internet penetration in the country, marketers have decided to completely focus on online promotional activities as opposed to traditional marketing. Therefore, it is important to consider the drawbacks of conventional marketing.

Use of static promotional strategies Traditional marketing uses static strategies to promote a product or a service. For example, if you are running an ad related to selling of cars on a newspaper, it will remain there forever as opposed to online ads. Once you are finished with selling of the car stock, you can update your customers online. But with traditional mediums, there is a chance that you may make your customers unhappy.

“Don’t Build Links. Build Relationships. – Rand Fishkin

A vast difference in pricing
Traditional media is very expensive as compared to newer forms of advertising. y You have to take up the cost of buying televisions, paying for development of commercials in lakhs, are huge investments. On the other hand, creating Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and scannable website can help you get incredible results, communicate effectively with your audience and convert them into sales.

Difficult to target audience
Being precise in terms of demographics and psychographics are the primary reasons why marketers are turning their interest towards digital marketing. Every small business can determine who will view your ad, how often it will appear on their wall and what type of person views it. As far as traditional marketing is concerned you don’t really know who read or saw your print ad or heard your radio broadcast.

Limitation is spreading the message
A one page ad in a newspaper or a 30 seconds commercial on television limits your capability of spreading your message to your target audience. By using digital marketing you can now get people to your website through the newer forms of communication. It opens up unlimited opportunities to deliver the product information to your customers.

Bottom line
Traditional marketing seems to fade away with the advent of digital marketing. Every business needs to adapt to the new changes and enjoy its fruits later.