"Ignite Your Inner Glow: Unveil the secrets to a purposeful life” at our 2-day workshop.

 Join millennial women like yourself seeking to overcome stress, find balance, and unlock the path to a more fulfilling existence."

Yashvi Agarwal

Mansi has helped me overcome my self-doubt, overthinking, and fear. I can see myself getting transformed into a better person. I have started spending more time with myself and I feel okay not being okay. She went to the bottom of all my feelings and helped me change my story. I felt comfortable talking to her about anything and grateful to have her.

Nirja Mehta

Mansi made me realize the importance of self-worth and I started appreciating and prioritizing myself more. She has done a great job in breaking my age-old conditioning which were holding me back from achieving my dreams and goals. I feel a lot more positive about myself, my decisions and I don’t seek external validation. Mansi comes from such a non-judgmental place, that you can share the deepest feelings which you have suppressed for the longest time

Nikita Suri

Getting coached by Mansi is one of the best decisions of my life. Through her sessions, I got to know how the mind works and more importantly got CLARITY on many aspects of my life which were untouched by me. As a result of working with her, my energy shifted from focusing on the negative about me, to looking at the positives. With her guidance, I could clear many of my blocks and started to attract the right kind of guys. My colleagues have also noticed this change in me and my reviews have improved from average to above average

Sonia Agarwal

For many years I was sucked into negativity and overthinking as I kept holding onto my past, feeling guilty and helpless about it. This had made me loose confidence in myself and I was unable to communicate freely with anyone. I often pitied myself and shed some tears on how life had turned out for me. Mansi helped me change my perspective towards myself and my family. She helped me become more positive and stop overthinking. I can convey my feelings more confidently, have overcome my fear of being alone and don’t feel guilty to choose myself and my happiness. I am grateful to Mansi for guidance in shaping my life in a new direction.

Heena Surya

After going through coaching sessions with Mansi, I got a new way of thinking about my life. This made me feel better not because my situation changed, by my thoughts changed. Mansi helped me learn and grow as a person with high energy in the bad times of my life. Her humble and kind nature in the way she teaches is appreciated. She taught me acceptance and mindfulness of my situations which helped me sail through the dark times. I feel the universe sent her into my life and I am grateful for it.

Just by joining the course, you get Bonuses Worth Rs. 4500

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Bonus 1: Mindfulness Digital Journal

Elevate your self-discovery journey with our exclusive "Zenovation Journal Companion." This beautifully designed journal is crafted to complement the workshop, offering prompts, reflections, and exercises to deepen your practice. Document your progress, insights, and goals as you continue to reclaim your zen each day.
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Bonus 2: Access to monthly Whatsapp Challenges

Enjoy a seamless transition from the workshop to ongoing growth with exclusive access to our "Zenovation Monthly Quests" on WhatsApp. Each month brings a new, engaging challenge focused on diverse topics, ensuring a continuous path of self-discovery, empowerment, and connection with a supportive community. It's your invitation to stay inspired, motivated, and connected on your journey.
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Bonus 3: eBook – “Zenovation Mastery”

Delve into the heart of empowerment with our eBook, "Zenovation Mastery: A Blueprint for Sustainable Empowerment." This digital guide is a treasure trove of insights, practical tips, and real-life success stories. Use it as your go-to resource for moments when you need a boost or want to deepen your understanding of the Zenovation Mastery System. It's your roadmap to continued success on your terms.


Here is what you will be doing in the 2 days you spend with us:

Step 1: Learn the Zenovation Mastery System

Put the method in practice

Share your Stories

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Join the Reclaim your Zen workshop to..

Overcome the habitual patterns of worry, anxiety, guilt, overwhelm and self-doubt

Channelize your emotions so that they work for you, not against you

Heal yourself from within and emerge stronger and more connected with your true self

Learn practical strategies to navigate your emotions with grace

Unveil the secret to attracting positive, fulfilling relationships into your journey

Develop the mindset to lead confidently and becoming the empowered “Boss Lady”

Tap into your inner strength and divine feminine energy

Embrace a life of power, purpose and profound transformation